Job Posting

Intensive Youth and Family Counsellor

            Start Date: ASAP

            Full Vaccination for Covid 19 recognized in Canada is required.

Aspiral Youth Partners is looking for a person to join our team.

The Intensive Youth and Family Support Program (IYFP) delivers services in the geographic area of the Shuswap served by the Salmon Arm office of Ministry of Children and Family Development. This program works in collaboration with our other Youth and Family contracts with MCFD. 

The IYFP is an outreach-based program. Clients in this program are referred by a social worker and typically will have low engagement and are challenged to maintain a consistent schedule of activities and are more in survival and chaos response mode. The expectation will be more on the worker than the client to make contact and maintain communication.

  • Using a strength-based model, engage young people to support safer choices and reconnection to family, school, resources, work, as appropriate.
  • Provide support and resources to parents and foster parents as needed.
  • Work in a community context using assets to support the goals of young people throughout the region.
  • Be part of the continuum of youth services within our agency. 

Qualifications for this program include education and 2 years’ experience in counselling commensurate with a bachelor’s degree in social work, Child and Youth Care

Description of Program

The objectives of this contract are ones of harm reduction and increasing capacity to make better choices (resiliency). The outcome of this is the ability of young people to be able to make life choices to their benefit, with a stronger base of relationships to increase the support for taking on new challenge and risk. In the words of H B Gelatt “being able to move into the notion of “positive uncertainty” opens a world of possibilities.”  

We meet the objectives by placing the focus of intervention on building the attachment relationships of young people and or their families whether this is natural or fostered. The work centres around agreed upon goals such as finding access to food, shelter, resources, and advocacy.  Then moving on to the tasks of the goals whether it is doing a resume, life skills, support in resolving conflict, navigating systems, making connections to other resources including social recreational opportunities or deciding to get back to school.  Most interventions are sweetened by meeting over a hot chocolate, coffee, or a sandwich when possible.

We measure the success of meeting our objectives by, did the:  

  • young people becoming attached to home school and work,
  • their ability to build a network of support and resources increase,
  • they have increased their capacity to meet challenges as they arise,
  • they have success in harm reduction behaviours,
  • begin to reform some relationship with family to their benefit.

The worker meets with clients in locations they are best able to meet, given it is safe to do so both for them and for the worker.  We recognise that youth and families may struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and or mental health issues along with the attending consequences of a chaotic environment including levels of violence. To ensure the safety will require the worker to an on-going violence risk threat assessment. This is part of the protocol we have signed on to with the School District, MCFD, RCMP and others as a collective tool to reduce the escalation. They will build safety plans for both the client and themselves.     

The work in this program requires a wide base of community resources and contacts able to respectfully engage with clients in chaos. In our organization the Intensive Youth and Family Support Program becomes part of the spectrum of services provided for youth and families. These include Youth Outreach, Intensive Support and Supervision as well as Parent Teen Conflict Resolution. This team offers a wide range of support, resources, and expertise to draw upon.  We sit at the interagency table in Sicamous and the Youth CYC in Salmon Arm.

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